Heating Installations

With over 25 years in the heating business, MacLeod's knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right heating system to maximize efficiency and provide reliable warmth for your home. We are licensed dealers for the highest rated brands in the market, and our technicians take pride in design and installation.

Here are some photos of our recent installs.

Granby Conforto Oil Hot Air Furnaces


C-85 Caprice Steel Wet Leg Boilers:

C 85CapriceSteelWetLegBoilers

Low Mass Cast Iron Coldstart Buderus Boiler:


Before and After

Before - Oil Steel Boiler. After - cast iron Buderus Low-mass Coldstart Boiler

Before After 2

Before and After

Before – Old coal to oil conversion furnace. After - cast iron Buderus Low-mass Coldstart Boiler.

Before After 1